Finished Film Poster

26 Feb


This is my finished film poster. Over all I’m really pleased with how it turned out, I like the simplicity of the design and I think it looks clear and uncluttered, drawing the viewer’s attention in to the central image. I was aiming for a minimalistic look, like that of Adaptation, but have still included all the generic features of a film poster i.e. title, central dominating image, names of actors playing central roles (protagonists), quote from a film critic and film credits.

like adaptation, I have also increased the satuation levels so that the images look more vibrant. I think this looks even more effective on a white background as they stand out a lot more.  So although the design is very simple the main images being so colourful makes them seem almost 3D looking on what would otherwise be a quite ‘flat’ looking background. The type writer font also makes the piece look more proffessional and adds to the self-reflexive theme of both media products (Deadline and Adaptation).

There are a few changes that I made from the draft poster, originally I planned to incorporate the names of the main actors into the keys on the keyboard and would have liked to have gone ahead with it, however, I found that when I came to edit this it was more difficult than I had anticipated and would have taken me more time to create than I had to produce it. It was also hard to identify what the text said as it was so small. Instead I went for a more simple way of including the names of the actors at the top of the page. I think that this still looks effective though so I wasn’t too frustrated about the compromise. In fact I think my decision to change the font of the quote and the names of the actors looks better as a balanced poster then the original odea would have. ….



 I found another film poster from a postmodern film ‘Kiss Kiss Bang Bang’ this film also opted for a plain white, flat background as a feature of the poster. Again it also has minimalistic features with two relatively small sized (in comparison with most generic mainstream film posters) images that stand out to the audience. I feel that this enforces my idea as contextual regarding the type of film with the film poster. Therefore I am happy with the choices I have made when creating my film poster.


One Response to “Finished Film Poster”

  1. phoebehaller March 20, 2011 at 11:22 pm #

    looks awesome 🙂 !

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