How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?

28 Feb

Media technologies in Construction:

We used Apple Mac’s (iMac G5s) as our main computers for research and the editing processes as these are the computers used in the media room although Bevan also has a MacBook Pro at home which allowed him to edit certain parts from home and do all the editing and work on the audio throughout the production of our film.

Final Cut was the programme on the Apple Macs used for the editing of the footage, we are all familiar with this programme from the AS course and therefore feel confident using its facilities. Adobe Photoshop was also used for editing to edit the newspaper article so that it had a picture of Oli (who played Ed) and his face on the front with a headline stating he had been in a tragic accident. This was used in the ‘Ed Dies’ subplot part of the film.

Celtx was used to produce the script for the production both for planning and during the construction because there were a lot of edits and changes made to the script as we went along.

Tripods to secure the cameras and alter height, position etc, Video Cameras were used to record all of our visual footage and Still Camera to take picture of the filming process. Microphones were also used to enhance the sound quality complete with microphone stands to keep them steady and Garage Band was used to create some of the sound. was also a website used for special effects. We got the effect of the puff of smoke from this website and then imported it into out final cut edit to create the desired effect.

Technologies used in Construction

Media Technologies in Research:

We did a lot of research into our film concept as it was fairly unfamiliar so we used a range of media platforms to watch helpful programmes, clips, films such as Youtube, Tv, Cinema, DVDs, and then we also used the internet largely on the computers.

Media Technologies Used for Research

Media Technologies in Planning and Evaluation:

I used my Epson Sylus DX3800 scanner/printer/photocopiers to scan work and pictures during the planning process so that I could transfer the data onto my blog. I used Wordpress obviously to blog all of my work over the course. I used Paint and Microsoft Office Picture Manager to edit, resize or construct pictures to plan and evaluate such as in the picture below to illustrate the technologies used. Celtx was used to write, edit and produce the script and Youtube/BlipTV. I also use my own lap top to evaluate my work (Dell Inspiron1525).

Planning and Evaluation Technologies


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