What have you learned from your audience feedback?

28 Feb

From our rough edit feedback we generally received very positive comments which was a nice piece of encouragement. Most people’s issues with negative feedback were with sound dips in the audio track (as shown below).

We knew that audio would be an issue from the start and we tried to combat this before we even started filming with the use of Bevan’s microphones that we set up around the central table, out of shot, to try to produce a clearer and better sound quality. Therefore by the stage of the audience feedback we hadn’t added in the actual audio that we intended to use, instead we were relying on the original camera sound. This meant that the problems that people had pointed out were already being addressed so we weren’t worried about the overall outcome.

However, when it came to the final viewing, the constructive criticism we received was still about the audio levels. However this time the issues were with background noise or ‘buzzing’ from the equipment in the media room rather than dips in dialogue. We thought that we had addressed all the problems before the feedback however over the weekend we had to look at the sound again. We went back to Bevan’s garage/recording studio to re-record all of the dialogue again. This meant we had to re-listen and then try to copy our voices from the original sound as accurately as possible to try to keep overdubbing as un-apparent and discrete as possible.

I think as a group we have learnt from this that although we thought we took into account all the problems that we may have faced during the pre-production process, in future we need to allow for more time before the deadline of the film to allow for unforseen issues and externalities.


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