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11 May

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13 Mar

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Improved sound quality film:

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Deadline Deleted Scenes

20 Feb

Due to the time constrainst on our specifications we had to disguard some of our scenes and trim a lot of them down in order to get our film closer to the 5 minute mark. Although we didn’t want to get rid of any of the scenes unfortunately we had no choice and had to delete scenes that the sequence would still make sense without. I think that this was a shame considering¬†the amount of time that we spent on each of the scenes. However, here are a few of them.

Dan Rhodes – Face

6 Jan

In class after we had all, in our pairs, created a script using celtx we sat down and started discussing which script would be most appropriate for us to use to produce a short film as a group activity.

We decided that the best choice to use would be ‘Face’ taken from Dan Rhodes Anthropology which was scripted by Phoebe and Bevan.

Script created using Celtx


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We all had allocated jobs such as camera operators, set dressers, actors, director and producer.

And then we started filming!

Filming locations; Town center, Bedroom, Lounge, Utility room, Rural outside, Study.

Props; lamp, scarves, pillows, rug, cardboard poster, candles, geometry set, sofa, desk, keys, magazine, bed throw, fowers etc.

Costume; Jordan – X-files t shirt, brown cords, pink oversizes retro glasses, shoes, leopard print jacket. Odette – Black silk dressing gown. Oliver – nothing!

Picture of the filming set up for the first lounge scene:

After the filming process was completed we split back into our pairs and started working on our individual editing.

I worked with Edwardo again and this is what we came up with


A Vision of Students Today

3 Jan

Micheal Wesch is a professor of cultural anthropology at Kansas State Univesity. Wesch’s work includes media ecology and the emerging field of digital ethnography, where he studies the effect of new media on human interaction.¬†

YouTube Video 'An Anthropological Introduction to YouTube'

A Vision of Students Today

Our re-make

Other vidoes created by Micheal Wesch.

This video is called ‘An Anthropological Intoduction to YouTube’ and although it’s long, it’s 55 mins and 35 seconds of footage well worth watching. It sums up the media-scape of the 21st century and the impact media platforms such as YouTube and the ‘blogosphere’¬†with their user generated content can have in creating the¬†integrated media-scape that we live it today.

Lincoln University Visit!

28 Oct

On the 20th of October, our A level classes (Both AS and A2 groups) took a school trip to the University of Lincoln media department. We were taken to a typical lecture room where we were given an introduction and insight into the media course that Lincoln had to offer and to what we were going to be doing for the day. We were then taken on a quick tour around the campus and media department by a current student of the university to have an insight into activities and the facilities that the campus has to offer. After this we were taken back to the media department where we had the change to take part in activities that involved the learning and application of media skills in the process of production.

First we went to their TV studio for a¬† filming¬†activity¬†producing a 5 minute game show called¬†¬†‚ÄėLIAR’S BAR‚Äô shown below:

LIAR’S BAR is a filming exercise the media students of the unversity complete within their first couple of weeks at Lincoln. It is a playful gameshow involving a game show host questioning three guests which each present a story with a similar theme. It is then left at the hosts discretion to decide which two are lying and which is telling the truth.


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This was my favourite activity where Megan, Harry, Chris and Myself were the characters for the game show and therefore had the chance to be on camera. However, we weren’t the only students involved, all the rest of our goup members had important jobs behind the scenes where they got the chance to use the proffesional filming, lighting and sound equipment as well as being appointed jobs such as set directors and producers and the production crew.

The video is of our seond attempt at filming the game show, the firt practise I felt went better as the timing was more accurate, the second attempt the lighting for the scene to start was off and therefore Harry was left in the dark as the music finished and the dialogue was supposed to start. However, the above edit is a corrected version and I think we all did well concidering that we had never had the chance to use equipment like that before in a real functioning TV studio and we only had 45 minutes to poduce it.

The second activity we took part in was the broadcasting of a 5 minute take over of Siren FM (the university radio station)

We were split into groups of three; one group was to write the introduction to the slot, one was to interview each other on what we thought of the university and what we had been up to, and the other group was to make the jingle for the show.

I chose to be in the group making the jingle for the show as I thought this would be the most fun activity to do. We spent time looking through a huge range of sound tracks from different genres¬†and different voice and audio effects to get the desired sounds and outcome we wanted. This was an¬†amusing¬†activity and¬†I think all of the group had fun playing around with the different audio effects we could create. The final peice wasn’t great but again it was amusing and we only had just under 45 minutes (like the LIAR’S BAR activity) to create it.

Ouija! Script Writing with Edward and Sophie!

4 Oct

Before we started our task of constructing our own short film we wanted to become more familiar with script writing so our dialogue wouldn’t sound so “wooden”.

We started reading short stories by Dan Rhodes and had to choose a story of our preference to write a short script for. I was working in a group with Ed, we decided to use the story entitled ‘Ouija’

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We used the short story as a basis for creating our own short scripted piece. As you can see there is minimal dialogue sooo…. we were left to our artistic *ahem* devices ūüôā We used the programme¬† Celtx¬† to write the script on the Apple Mac and formatted the text as we went along (with a bit of guidance from Hughes).

Here’s a little link to the first draft:


We used the font courier to try and give it a type-writer feel and the only negative feedback was the “Holy Shh…” because it was¬†“unrealistic”.¬†I think Mrs. Hughes wanted something a little more explicit but Ed and I have a policy against swearing :).